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The market of digital assets offers hundreds of possible options for investments. Some of them are popular and costly, while others are less popular and cheaper. Some assets are released by a crypto platform that brings many benefits to the crypto industry and has ample chance to become widespread and adopted. In contrast, others are meme coins with no technical content or application sense. We would like to discuss a project with valuable technology and all the chances to become the foundation for future market development. This is NEO crypto.

What is NEO?

Actually, NEO is a cryptocurrency of the Neo platform that enables the tokenisation of assets from the real world with the purpose of working with them in the crypto scope. This idea was welcomed in China, and the project has become incredibly popular in this country.

The NEO coin price is $6.79 as of late November 2022. The projects benefits are the following:

  • Fast and secure transactions
  • Connection of real sector assets with blockchain 
  • Building smart contracts and decentralized applications
  • Using common programming languages
  • Centralization

The NEO token enables fast transactions via smart contracts. To complete a transaction, a user should enter into a NeoCongtact where the NEO token plays the principal role.

How to Trade NEO?

Like any other crypto asset, NEO can be traded. To trade this token, you should first purchase it. You can buy crypto on the WhiteBIT platform. Then pick a trading strategy. The most popular are scalping, intraday, and position trading. You can practice these methods using the WhiteBIT demo account. When you understand what type of trading suits you best, it is time to analyze the risks. Traders always keep track of the market situation and external factors that may have an impact on the crypto scope. 

When trading, don’t forget to set stop-loss and take-profit tools. It will help you adhere to your trading strategy and not surrender to emotional choices. Also, watch the NEO crypto price chart and analyze its historical indicators – it will help you pick the right trading strategy.